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Mission Statement

Positive Behavioral Services of the Four Corners LLC is a behavioral assessment, behavioral consulting, behavioral counseling, vocational development, vocational placement company that serves the Montezuma, Dolores, La Plata, Archuleta and San Juan Counties in southwest Colorado. Our Mission is to provide collaborative, evidenced based, person centered services and supports to our clients to help them achieve their goals and desires.





Positive Behavioral Services of the Four Corners, LLC

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Mark Holton, MA, LMFT, BCBA, Director


Thoughtful and precise. Interventions have worked wonders for my clients. Behavior plans are individualized, evidenced based and effective Claudia Beetem

Host Home Provider

Connecting Behavioral Services, Vocational Services and Mental Health Services

My name is Mark Holton. Welcome to Positive Behavioral Services of the Four Corners LLCI am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist  (LMFT), Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and hold a Masters Certification in Rehabilitation Counselling with over 20 years of experience int the clinical, behavioral and vocational services business.

Friendly and knowledgeable. He provided down to earth behavioral services that really do provide positive benefits for all my clients. My clients are a great judge of character and they have all chosen PBS of the 4 corners to work with for their future services. Mike Gabrel

Host Home Provider

Meet the team

The Team

In addition, I have  also invited other Licensed and Masters Level Individuals to join our team. Behavioral Analyst, Psychologist, Mental Health Counselors, Vocational Specialist and Addictions Counselors have all joined up with Positive Behavioral Services of the Four Corners LLC as contractors to help expand our evidence based and customized behavioral support services to our four corners region.

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Mark Holton, MA, LMFT, BCBA,  – Director

Mark has over 20 years of experience in the behavioral health, mental health and supported employment fields. As a behavioral analyst, licensed marriage family therapist and rehabilitation counselor Mark enjoys his work and brings all his experience from these treatment fields to the table to create a person centered, evidenced based approach for his clients and the teams he works with. Marks ability to create positive treatment outcomes with his clients has been documented with great success over his career.


Sarah Holton – Business Manager

Sarah’s business management skills and relationships with our local providers and our surrounding communities is unparalleled. She provides business marketing supports and accounting services to PBS of the Four Corners LLC. Her communication skills and teamwork keep everyone updated on how we are functioning as a business on a daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly basis. She is a true leader and a true advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Devon Parson – M.ed, Behaviorist

Being or local director for Pathways to Independence here in Durango, Devon has over 4 years’ experience in writing and implementing behavioral support plans for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Autism and other learning disorders. He holds a Master’s degree in Special Education and is currently working on acquiring his BCBA through The University of Colorado Applied Behavioral Analysis Program. His dedication and leadership in our local community for people with disabilities is recognized by Fort Lewis College, 9r school district, Community Center Boards, Vocational Rehabilitation programs, Parents, Families and the individuals he works with.

Rachael Hightower – Nationally Certified Employment Specialist

Rachael has over 13 years of experience working with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Her skills and expertise as a job developer and job coach are hard to match. Her compassionate relationships with her clients, along with her professionalism and dedication to her work are a true joy to be around. Just ask the individuals she works with how they like their jobs and how they like working with Rachael.

Mary Katherine, PhD, Assistant Director, Counselor, Behaviorist


Heidi Munfrada PBS4C – Job Coach

Heidi has over 4  years experience working in the field and has done incredible person centered work with PBS4C. She is excited to be furthering her education and training with PBS4C and  acquiring her national supported employment certification this year. This  past year as a job couch she has successfully job coached at many of our integrated employment sites with individuals with a wide variety of disabilities.Heidi states, “My experiences  with PBS  have been fabulous and continues to be fantastic. I work with adults in the vocational program and assist in helping  them to maintain their employment. Our clients earn their own paychecks and are happy to be part of a positive team”

Sherry Marcum PBS4C – Job Coach

Sherri has been with PBS4C for over a year now and loves her job. She has worked successfully with with individuals with specials need for over 20 years. Her experience is seen in the amazing work she does with individuals with disabilities on and off the job. She has a diverse history of training and has worked in many settings with individuals with disabilities. Sherri will be acquiring her her national supported employment certification this year.

Their customer services and vocational services have been great. They have helped me strengthen my confidence with resume building and getting ready for interviews. RH

Vocational Services Client


Behavioral Services

Behavioral Assessment – Person Centered Functional Behavioral Assessment. Using behavioral analysis, our team helps to assess and define the function of the behavior so that we may all work together to create positive behavioral interventions and skills acquisition training processes that make sense for clients and support staff. We then provide an easy to follow functional behavioral assessment document to stakeholders, staff and clients.

Behavioral Consultation – Person Centered Behavioral Consultation Services. Our team helps to construct a practical and easy to follow behavioral support plan based off the findings from the Person Centered Functional Behavioral Assessment. We work closely in collaboration with the clients and their support staff to implement the behavioral support plan with fidelity.

Behavioral Counseling – We offer Functional Communication Training, Cognitive Behavioral Counseling and Picture Based Cognitive Behavioral Counseling, Mindfulness Based Behavior Relaxation Training, Behavioral Rehearsal Training, Anger Management Training, Interpersonal Relationship Skills Counseling, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Positive solution focused counseling, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Recreational Therapy, EMDR and Advanced EMDR interventions.

Individual, Group Counseling and Family Services

Individual, Group or Family Mental Health Counseling – We offer EMDR and Advanced EMDR interventions. Mindfulness Stress reduction training, Relationship Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Counseling and Picture Based Cognitive Behavioral Counseling. Positive Psychology and Solution Focused Counseling for:

Transition issues, stress issues, anger management, depression and anxiety, trauma, grief, or overcoming obsessive compulsions or addictive habits.

Humanistic – Solution focused – Person centered family therapy services are available as well.

Professional Development Training – Team building and team cohesiveness is fundamentally necessary for successful outcomes with your clients. We provide consultation and team building training to our stakeholders and their employees. Our staff has close to 50 years combined experience this area of expertise.

Employee Assistance Program- Our experienced therapists and life coaches help your employees work through any issues or challenges that may be keeping them from being successful on the job.

Vocational Services

Pre-Vocational and Supported Employment Services – Would you like a Job that fits for you?

Job Development– We support our clients to achieve the jobs of their preference!

*70% successful job placement rate for our clients at Positive Behavioral Services of the Four Corners LLC in 2016. That’s 20% above the national average of 51%

*We use thorough job readiness assessment and consultation tools.

*Our Collaboration with our local employers, Community Center Boards and Division of Vocational rehabilitation counselors makes our programs a step above the rest.

*Personal Adjustment Training – Need a little extra help with you Job development training. We can provide Personal Adjustment behavioral training for clients who qualify. Many IDD clients qualify for this additional service.

Job Coaching (Help and support at the job site!)

*We provide ongoing job supports and training at the worksite to assure satisfaction between clients and employers. Supporting our clients and employers relationships through job coaching is a necessary part of long term successful employment outcomes for our clients.

Extended supported employment (Help and support at the job site!)

* Once the client is considered successfully rehabilitated with DVR we can still deliver supported employment services under the HCBS Medicaid Waiver Program for as long as they want to work and as long as the supports are deemed necessary.


We can prove transportation to and from job sites for our clients if needed.


PBS of the Four Corners was a positive liaison between the parents and the school. They provided helpful suggestions and positive feedback to the students and staff. It was great to have their expertise and support. C. Lancaster

4th Grade Teacher

PBS of the Four Corners was an incredible asset to our classroom. I referred three students to Mark, and his interventions provid to be very effective. Mark was able to give immediate attention to a student in need which changed his attitude and outlook and enabled him to focus on his school work.

K. Lein

k-1 teacher

PBS of the Four Corners provided counseling for a student in my class this year and did a great job teaching him strategies to control his actions. The student always enjoyed his time with Mark! L. Mendoza

3rd Grade Teacher

 PBS of the 4 Corners Vocational Team helped me apply for and secure my job with city market. i have been working there successfully for 5 month now. i really like my job and i feel connected to my community while working. thanks PBS!


Vocational Client

Businesses We Work With

Community Connections INC

Community Connections INC

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

Cortez RE 1 school District

Cortez RE 1 school District

Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Four Corners Nursing Home Durango Co

Four Corners Nursing Home Durango Co


Mark Holton, MA, LMFT, BCBA

Positive Behavioral Services of the Four Corners LLC

23 South Beech St. (Suite B102)

Cortez, Co 81321



*Please send us an email or give us a call and we will get you, your family, or your program set up with a Positive, Evidenced Based, On Point Behavioral Support Services Team.

Thanks and Be Well.

Mark's Credentials

  • BA, Psychology, University of Dayton, OH, 1995
  • MA, Applied Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica, CA, 1999
  • MA, Counseling Psychology/ Family Systems, University of Santa Monica, CA, 2001
  • MA, Rehabilitation Counselling Certification – University of Arkansas, 2003
  • LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist # 738, CO 2006
  • BCBA, Board Certified Behavior Analyst # 1-18-30619 Colorado University, 2016,
  • Company Owner – PASA- HCBS WAIVER –2016 Mark Holton, Positive Behavioral Services of the Four Corners LLC. Programed Approved Service Agency- Colorado Department of HealthCare Policy and Financing. Behavioral Assessment, Consultation and Counseling business.
  • Company Owner – 2018 – EPSDT Pediatric Behavior Services for children with Autism and other lifespan diagnosis.
  • EMDR I and II Certification 2008
  • Hakomi- Mindfulness Counseling – Basic Training, 2010
  • EMDR Advanced Training Certifications in Somatic Interventions, –2013
  • EMDR Advanced Training Certifications with Children and The Art of Psychotherapy, 2014
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator –2018
  • Florida Certified Parent Coordinator – 2018
  • Certificate VB Mapp Assessment for children- 2018
  • Certificate Pivotal Response Treatment for children – 2018
  • Family Mediation Certification- 2018
  • Parent Coordination and Advanced Parent Coordinator Certifications – 2018


2016-CurrentOwner- Positive Behavioral Services of the Four Corners LLC.

HCBS Medicaid Waiver Business – Counseling, Consulting, Behavioral and Vocational Assessment, Placement and Coaching Company for 5 Counties.

1 Doctoral Level Counselor and Behaviorist, 4 Master Level Counselors and Behaviorist, 5 Job Developers and Job Coaches = 10 employees.

Contacts: Devon Parson, M.Ed (BCBA Candidate) – 970-946-8696, devonparson@gmail.com
Tera Vallery, MS, (BCBA Candidate) – 970-779-0699, teravallery@gmail.com

2007-2015 –District Therapist, Individual/Family Therapist, Behavioral Specialist and Consultant. Montezuma and Dolores County Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools.

Behavioral specialist and therapist for children with Autism, ADHD, ODD and other psychiatric disorders.

Contacts: Lori Haukness, Superintendent RE-1 School District, (970-565-7282), ( 970-749-0485)
K.D Umbarger,  Principal-Mesa Elementary, (970-565-3858)
Donetta Dehart,  Principal-Manaugh Elementary, (970- 565-7691), (970-560-2538)
Jason Wyman, Principal Montezuma Cortez High school, (970-565-3722) 

2009-2015 -Individual and Family Therapist, Behavioral Specialist, Supervisor and Consultant for New Wings K-5th grade Day Treatment Program. A Collaborative Multiagency Montezuma County RE-1, Dolores County RE-2J School District /Social Services program.

Behavioral specialist and therapist for children with Autism, ADHD, ODD and other psychiatric disorders.

Contacts: Jessica Spencer-Director of Special Education RE-1 School District (970-560-2532)
Lori Haukness – Superintendent RE-1 School, (970-565-7282), ( 970-749-0485)
Donetta Dehart- Principal-Manaugh Elementary, (970- 565-7691),(970-560-2538)

2011-2015 – Therapist for the Department of Youth Corrections. Individual and Family therapist/ adolescents/ young adults transitioning back into the community. Contact: Debra Swiger– Program Administrator, Hilltop Management Unit (970-244-0616)

2009-2012 Therapist / Victims Compensation / DA’s office. Contact: Kelly Codner – Victims Compensation Coordinator of services (970-560-2076)

2010-2011 – Therapist /Life Coach – Southwest Open Charter School. Contact: Jennifer Carter, Director Southwest Open School (970-565-1150), (970-739-9055)

2007-2009 – Addictions Counselor – Cortez Addictions and Recovery Center. Contact: Alan Cook,LPC CAC III,  Director  (970-749-9529)

2005-2006 — Supervisor/Lead Clinician/ Family Therapist Devereux Cleo Wallace, Westminster, CO, Supervisor, Dr. Bridget Engel, – (720-439-6406)


Jessica Spencer
Special ED Director
Cortez, CO 81321
Bruce Haring, LPC
Ragsdale and Associates
Durango, CO 81301
Alan Cook, LPC, CACIII
31 Ash St.
Cortez, CO 81321

Judge Irene Sullivan, Retired, 6th Judicial Circuit, Pinellas County – 727-415-7377 – irenesullivan36@tampabay.rr.com

Lisa Negrini, LCSW (Chief Operating Officer, Family Study Center, USFSP) – 727 -215-8529 – lnegrini@usfsp.edu  

Brendan McCollm, Psy. D. – Carter Psychology Center, – 941-753-0064                         

Kathy Rosenberg- Girls Tennis Coach, Riverview Highschool – 941-915-7213 – Rosey5@comcast.net

Holly Holton – Boys Tennis Coach – Riverview Highschool – 941-809-8050 – hhmoore3@gmail.com